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HF Proje Plus A leading Turkish company with great experience in the field of investment and the real estate market throughout Turkey, founded on the principle of offering the best prices without giving up the principle of high-quality service, and adopting a policy of transforming everything that its customers dream of into reality, looking to the future with hope with the strength it receives From its clients, to always moving forward with stronger strides by renewing itself day by day .

What We Offer

‏Providing the highest level of integrated services and expertise that we have by directing our clients from all over the world to choose the best offers in the Turkish real estate market

What We Offer

Real estate management

We offer you integrated services in real estate management in Turkey, where we work to ensure optimal operation, control and supervision of all real estate and also help you in selling or renting real estate through our years of experience in Turkey


Real Estate Consulting

We offer you a free real estate consultancy service because we have a wealth of knowledge, where we can guide you to the right investment


Real Estate Marketing

We offer you unlimited investment and real estate offers without intermediaries. And more than 200 residential and investment projects in Turkey


‏We offer the best Real Estate choices in all of Turkey

Why HF Proje Plus ?

Because we attach great importance to technology,         knowledge and training of our employees. This enables   us to give high quality service to our clients.

Because we have a unique wealth of knowledge in the   Turkish real estate market. 

Because we have an organized structure. This ensures   that the most suitable property is in the hands of our   clients as quickly as possible.

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